Inside the San Diego Modern Rustic Bathroom Remodel

Hello everyone,

We truly are excited to share with you this project, and why we chose what we did to achieve this look. The clients were very design focused, passionate about art, mosaics and had an open mind to allow me to work the magic! They were very trusting with ideas from the beginning, which allowed the design process to flow, and eventually to create this fantastic bathroom. You can see the full album in our project peeks page.

If you notice, we have two different stone selections for the flooring. Also, there is a custom curvature tile cut in the floor that was for a flowing, organic feel. The curvature in the flooring lines (separating the shower area from the rest) and the river flowing mosaic on the shower wall was created due to the clients’ love for mosaics, and has custom mosaic work all through their beautiful home. I wanted to create that custom, artistic look for them, so that is where this inspiration came from.

The double sink was a bit of a challenge for space, especially with the tower in the middle for storage. We originally planned to do a trough sink, but ironically, it ended up taking more room, and not allowing for the storage tower/s.

For the color scheme, I knew from the beginning after choosing the cool colored slate flooring, that a nice soft sea moss color would really bring out the natural colors in the slate. The burnt orange is a fantastic, bright complimentary color to the green that emphasizes the orange in the wains coat stacked slate trim.

For the modern touch, and to add a bit of interest, we chose the white porcelain independent standing tub, with the semi-recessed white porcelain sinks. This coordinates well with the the white, semi-gloss stained sliding barn door, leading into the bathroom. Their entire home is a true hybrid blend of contemporary, blended with rustic farm (a weird dichotomy), so I wanted to emulate that in the bathroom somehow.

I am almost forgot! We found this beautiful costa esmerelda green granite that really complimented the slate. Love that stone. Check it out in the pictures. You don’t notice it at first, but it is gorgeous up close.

Lastly, the finishing touches were the light colored stained custom cabinets, with brushed nickel stained hardware. The brushed nickel hardware and shower/bath fills, were pretty key in achieving the contemporary twist for the bathroom. All hardware and fixtures, along with the sinks are from Fergusons here in San Diego.

In conclusion, the construction and project management was carried through by Hayes Construction from Encinitas, CA. They did an incredible job, and we couldn’t have done it without their incredible project management. Thank you Hayes Construction and to Bryan for your expertise!

If you like this design, and would like to inquire regarding pricing, or other remodel services (kitchens, rooms, etc), feel free to email us, or call 619-718-0647.

Thanks readers!

Jessica Tompane
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