Whether it’s an outfit, or a room, black is notorious for creating an instant sense of elegance, contrast or sharpness. While this is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, it can be a little trickier to incorporate in your home. Here are some tips for making the trend work in any space:

  1. Start very small: Start using black accessories, or main components of a room to ensure you like the bold look in your home. Try it for 3-5 days and make sure you don’t get tired of it.
  2. Getting comfortable: Painting a smaller space (like a powder room) can give you a good idea if you will like the look in a larger (and more public) area. **Important: Always take lighting into consideration. I don’t suggest painting dark colors in dark-lit rooms. Make sure you have proper lighting
  3. Avoid the Morgue look: Bring in plants in to liven up the space, lighter colors as accents, and lighter trims
  4. Go glam: A high gloss paint is sophisticated and reflects light beautifully. This is typically most popular on doors, hallways, or very glam-contemporary rooms/ceilings
  5. Stay true to your style: Whether you’re contemporary or traditional, incorporate black in a way that’s authentic to you. Black works anywhere with any style if done correctly
  6. Putting lipstick on your room: Black baseboards and black crown molding (versus the everyday white molding), really can transform a space. I LOVE this idea for certain looks. Don’t just assume you have to use white on your trim and moldings
  7. Make magic in the kitchen: Glossy black cabinetry is sleek and unexpected if you are going for a glam or contemporary look


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