Painting or leaving your walls white could be one of the most underestimated ideas in Interior Design. When choosing a paint color, many times we don’t really consider sticking to white for creating a particular look.  White is especially beneficial in creating nautical, beach, modern, shabby chic, or minimalist, clean styled homes.

Not only are white walls clean and classic, but also an easy option for those who are renting and cannot paint their space or just don’t feel like painting. Here are some tips to making white rooms look “designed” by adding the right everything else.

  1. Reflect:  Add glass and mirrored elements to make the space clean and contemporary
  2. Go for the gold: Gold accessories and furnishings make a white space look expensive and elegant if you are going for that look
  3. Lighting: As you know, lighting is everything; let it do the talking. Point the eye to interesting pendants, chandeliers, or even just clean recessed lighting.
  4. Plants are your best friends: Use plants to liven up the space. The vibrant colors really pop against white, and immediately create a warm, cozy feeling. Nothing is more beautiful than nature itself!
  5. Opposites attract: Use black and white to create an monochrome space for an artistic vibe. Add 1-2 accent colors for more interest
  6. Go all the way: There are no limits to where you can use white (cleanability lifestyle to take into consideration). White window treatments, draperies, bedding, couches, etc. can all be used against a white wall. An all white space can look bright, clean and breezy if done right.

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