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Behind the Scenes: Eastlake Home Decorating

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J Hill Interior Designs had tons of fun decorating this Eastlake newly purchased home for a referral client. This young family moved in a few weeks prior to us arriving, and was in a very motivated mind set to get it furnished, decorated, and  start feeling like a home. We decorating everything from scratch, with the only per-existing item being their cat tower (diverting the cat’s attention away from the newly purchased couch they would love to set their claws on).

The client originally expressed their interest in a very neutral color scheme design; mainly browns, cremes, beige and grays. The originally color of all walls was an odd brown color, with the kitchen being a beachy, light blue. We immediately knew the blue had to go, and replaced it with a calm sage that corresponded with a refreshing gray main color throughout the rest of the living area.

Over the course of a month, we fully decorated the home from head to toe. The one particular room we had fun with was the patriotic guest bedroom. Our client loved white, crisp, ruched bedding (which we also used in the master), and wanted a room designated specifically as a patriotic room. They had a massive sentimental flag to be custom framed, but didn’t know how to tie it all in without looking cheesy. We felt like going the country style route would be rest, sourcing a red rocking chair, with the soft grayish-blue wall paint, and multicolored distressed bed frame and furniture.

Other favorite areas of the home are the massive built-in that we had fun decorating. It was easy to accent, as it is at the top of the stairs and viewable from the entrance of the home. We sourced most of these fun trinkets from World Markets, Home Goods, Pottery Barn and other major retailer stores.

In summary, most of the home décor came from Ballard Designs and Home Decorators . Some bedding and other small accents were sourced from  Anthropologie. As time became a crunch, we went with Bed Bath and Beyond for window treatments (custom takes 6-8 weeks typically), and the couch was from a local custom store here in San Diego. As a reminder, custom anything takes 4-10 weeks, so if you are on a time crunch, let it be the first thing you order!

Hope you enjoyed our post.

Cheers – J Hill Interior Designs