Carly Cutright

Junior Designer
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Sparked by time spent at her father’s architecture firm and mother’s commercial design firm, Carly’s passion for interior design is lifelong. From the many site visits where she tagged along with her parents, Carly absorbed design vocabulary, understanding of space, and a love for color. Her love of sketching, as well as her exposure to building and design materials, have enhanced these skills.

As she visualizes a space’s possibilities, articulates a vision for a project, and pairs colors, Carly draws on her many years spent around the industry. She intentionally sought out an award-winning interior design studio that resonated with her: J Hill Interiors. Working with the team, Carly grows her abilities, including layering textures and colors in a balanced way. She contributes a creative mindset, strong communication skills, and an enthusiasm for styling photo shoots.

Coming from a small town in Texas, Carly loves the community-oriented environment on Coronado Island, where she lives with her partner, Nelson, and their rescue pup, Frankie. Her hobbies include cooking, painting, playing with Frankie, and watching I Dream of Jeannie reruns.

Seeing the final product come together, you witness the results of an in-depth, strategic, and creative project that impacts the client’s life – now and into the future.

Carly Cutright Junior Designer
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