The kick-off of Fall has been quite busy here at J Hill Interior Designs! We just finished up this office Quick-Flip for one of our clients and want to give you a quick peek into the project.

For Quick-Room Flips, we figure it would helpful to tell blog readers where we sourced a few key items, where we drew inspiration, how the project evolved and how the final product was created.

For this particular client, the client initially expressed his liking for the traditional Spanish style. To convey to us the style of his choice, he showed us a commercial that was shot in a southern California Spanish mission-styled home. The initial idea was drawn from the look of that house and eventually ended up more eclectic/Mediterranean. What we pretty much drew from that conversation was that he liked neutral colors, and small pops of color.

Because this was a Quick-Flip, everything we bought were from major retail stores. The desk was already in the office, but nothing else. Most items came from PotteryBarn, World Market, HomeGoods and even Target.

A few classic pieces that we would highly recommend are:

  1. Manchester Swivel Chair, Pottery Barn
  2. Indonesian Day Bed, World Market
  3. Gray rug, Target
  4. Wall Organizer, PotteryBarn
  5. Ralph Lauren Oversized Throw Pillows, HomeGoods

The biggest piece of advice I can give to readers from this project, is to NOT be afraid of mixing several different wood stains and hues. If you notice carefully, the room is a large conglomeration of grays, blacks, browns and creams. There are black wood stains, gray wood stains, brown wood stains, and distressed stains. Take home advice: Don’t be afraid to take a risk and not be so “matchy-matchy”. Having different elements, patterns and textures always adds more interest.


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