Casual Coastal

Point Loma

In Point Loma, this revamped home provides its residents with custom comfort. The J Hill team designed the first and second floor, breathing new life into the kitchen, flooring, walls, lighting, bar, deck, and more.

Inviting, cozy, and quaint, the coastal style lets adventurers rest up for their next oceanside excursion. Whether the weather offers brilliant sunshine or mellow cloud cover, the interior’s mood fits seamlessly with peninsula living.

Among the bespoke elements of the design of this home, a one-of-a-kind sectional design lends itself to lounging and enjoying one another’s company. Touches of wicker, as well as blue and sandy hues, are hallmarks of this California interior design sense that integrates East Coast elements, representing the American tradition from one shining sea to another.

Whenever we come back we think to ourselves, ‘Wow! Do we really live here? It’s so beautiful.’ But it’s also so comfortable too.

Client Casual Coastal Homeowner
J Hill Interiors Featured Image

Photography by Jenny Seigwart.