Kensington Classic


In this welcoming home, we preserved both its historical facets, such as original tiles and plasterwork, and introduced novel elements. J Hill Interiors, a boutique interior design firm in California, came alongside the homeowners to reconfigure and renovate the kitchen, living areas, entry, and staircase. Our work also included the creation of the custom cupboard area with an attached banquette, as well as the furnishing of the living room, dinette, and dining room.

Evoking nostalgia with cozy nooks and classic fixtures, the home is both classy and welcoming. We accented the neutral color scheme with gold, brass, earth tones, and vibrant antique tilework. Initially, the kitchen was not functional and felt gloomy. Our updates redesigned and brightened the space. Fulfilling the owner’s dream to feature a La Cornue range, we intentionally crafted the kitchen to showcase the beautiful appliance.

Photography by Jenny Seigwart.