Spanish Revival Estate

Rancho Santa Fe

Two years in the making, this Spanish Revival Estate is intricate, inspiring, and inviting. The vision we fulfilled was to craft a luxurious place where friends are always welcome and the kids are always playing. Part of our charge was to create a home that continued to surprise our client for years to come, so we thoughtfully added delightful details both in plain sight and in hidden nooks.

As an example of our interior design in Rancho Santa Fe, as well as our orchestration and collaboration in home remodeling processes, our team brought a distinct yet warm look – and a highly livable experience for the residents of this estate. Throughout the process, we consulted alongside artisans flown in from around the world.

Fully decorating the entire home, we drew most of the furnishings by hand, sending them to custom manufacturers, such as Andrew Morgan, to ensure everything fit together seamlessly. Holcombe Homes was the architect and builder for this 12,000-square-foot home renovation, who we collaborated with on surface materials and lighting selection.

Photography by Martin Mann.