San Diego Design Series: A Peek into La Jolla

San Diego Design Series A Peek Into La Jolla

San Diego Design Series: A Peek into La Jolla

As we continue our depiction of the San Diego interior design styles, we venture to the northern coastal city of La Jolla.  La Jolla resides along some of the most dramatic coastlines of the San Diego area with a very dynamic landscape full of hills and great views. With the varying landscape, there are many unique outdoor locations to explore including Mt. Soledad, which provides over six miles of paths used for hiking and trail running. Visitors and locals alike often take to the Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve to experience the hiking trails that showcase spectacular views as they make their way down to the beachfront. Tucked away between the cliffs is the hidden treasure known as La Jolla Cove. Down towards the waterfront, the area is populated by snorkelers, swimming, and beachgoers as they gaze up the sea-lion population who are often seen in this area.

Considering the prime location and gorgeous views, La Jolla is among the more exclusive and high-end communities of San Diego. The limited and in-demand real estate gives the community an elite feel. It is common for homes to be custom-built and very unique to fit the preference of individual homeowners. The styles for La Jolla homes range across the board as they draw on different aspects of La Jolla’s rich history and architectural influences. The 1920s gave way to the Spanish Colonial influence in La Jolla’s architectural design, which is encompassed in many homes today as well as the William Templeton Johnson’s Library and numerous Spanish-style churches. Many La Jolla residences are also influenced by the trend of Mid-century Modernism that became popular around the 1950s. According to La Jolla’s official history site, a large number of famous architects, including Robert E. Alexander, Russell Forester, Albert Frey, Frank L. Hope to name a few, had a hand in implementing this style deep into La Jolla’s design.

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Today La Plaza, a shopping center located in the heart of La Jolla Village, captures the essence of  Spanish style with its traditional white cement walls paired with intricate tile work and pottery. The community as a whole has in many ways become a must-see spot for tourist. La Jolla has an abundance of top-notch eateries, distinguished art galleries, and shopping venue that offers something for everyone. Increasing its appeal, La Jolla has become known for its award-winning architectural firms for both residential and commercial designs. The world-famous Salk Institute was deemed “one of the globe’s boldest structures since its creation in the 1960.” This bold and modern design is often reflected in numerous La Jolla residences to reflect a personal style.

These varying design styles that can be found almost anywhere in the beautiful city of La Jolla, as well as the lifestyle the vast coastline offers, have had a large influence on the community. From Modern to Victorian,  Spanish to Contemporary, a little bit of everything can be found among the coastal homes of La Jolla.