Setting the Holiday Scene

Setting The Holiday Scene

Setting the Holiday Scene

The holidays are here!

Chances are many of us are still spending a lot of time at home which gives us all the more reason to go all out with holiday décor this year. Here are some tips to make this the most festive year yet.

Pick three colors and stick with them.

This helps keep things from feeling cluttered and disjointed. For some great combinations, consider white, gold and silver for a glittery, classic look; pink, white and champagne for a more feminine glam look; or red, white and green for a more traditional aesthetic.

When possible, go live.

It’s never a bad idea to bring live flora into your space. The scent of a live tree can’t be replicated and will last much longer than the artificial scent sticks now on the market. It’s also a fun way to kick off the holiday season with the family picking out a Christmas tree together! Add other seasonal greenery in unexpected places, like in the kitchen around the sink and in bathrooms. A sprig of holly or even eucalyptus leaves are great options as well. White or red poinsettias are always a classic, inexpensive way to make a space feel authentically festive. Trader Joe’s and The Home Depot have plenty to choose from during the holiday season.

Add layers of light.

Layers of lighting add dimension to a room. Select warm string lights for the tree and candles for the main gathering areas. Dim the regular lighting and let the tree shine! Remote-control battery-operated fairy lights are great for hurricane vases or wrapped in your garland on the mantle.

Mix old and new.

It’s tempting to buy every single thing new each holiday season but take inventory of what you have each year and make some edits. It’s always nice to display those pieces that have been passed down through your family.

Create vignettes.

Have some fun and get creative here. A vignette is a scene that focuses on a brief moment in time and can be quite powerful. At a loss for how to create a vignette? We have you covered! Use an existing decorative tray and add your favorite holiday candle on top, along with small loose tree ornaments, a sprig of holly and some cinnamon sticks and voila! If you don’t have a decorative tray, here’s your chance to do some shopping.


We can all get carried away with “more is more” when it comes to holiday décor. Doing a final edit is key. If your tree is classic or minimal, go a little heavier with your mantle décor. If your tree is the statement piece, make sure everything else is secondary.