Entryways Can Ease the Morning Rush

Entryways Can Ease The Morning Rush

Entryways Can Ease the Morning Rush

It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves clambering each morning, silently (or audibly) praying that everyone has everything they need as we hustle our family members out the door. Wallet, keys, cell phone, homework, lunch bags, shoes, snacks, water bottles, afternoon activity gear, coffee, laptops, briefcases, dog leashes, etc. The list of things to remember each morning seems to go on and on and on. And since our mornings often set the tone for our entire day, it is worth looking at how our home design can help facilitate a smooth(ish) start each morning.

Yes, your entry is the first impression your guests will have when they enter your home. Yes, it should be beautiful and inviting. However, a pretty entry without any practical functionality quickly loses its luster.

There are ways to add organization to even the smallest space. Having a go-to spot where important things “live” like your keys, mail, wallet, dog leashes, kids book bags, etc. will help busy mornings seem a little more manageable. Storage bins or tabletop trays come in about a million styles, sizes and price points these days. Whether your aesthetic is super minimal or you are a hardcore traditionalist, the right storage option for you and your space is out there – we encourage you to go find it!

Another tip would be to incorporate pieces that do double duty i.e. a bench with storage for shoes or sports equipment underneath, or an entry table with a drawer that can serve as a catch-all for the must-have important items; or a coat rack that also hangs Fido’s accessories. These pieces that serve more than one function are especially important solutions for smaller spaces. There are so many clever ways to maximize the space, you have to get creative in finding ways to make your space work for you.

Lastly, when form fails over function, your space will fall short. But when form and function fail, your space will fail you entirely. Your entryway is usually the last part of your home you see as you head out the door and the first space you see upon returning home after a long day. How do you want to feel when you see this space? How would you like this space to send you off and greet you?

It has been clinically proven that clutter is a major stressor for us and truly makes our homeless joyful. (Thank you Marie Kondo for shining a light on this!)

Storage solutions are wonderful ways to keep the area tidy and less overwhelming for us. But don’t forget about incorporating a little something that makes you smile! Whether it be an entryway light fixture you just love, or a beautiful mirror or piece of décor, or something sentimental like a framed photo or piece of art. Let the things in your home function well and bring you joy and there will be bright moments in even the craziest mornings.