The Five Important Elements of a Custom Closet

The Five Important Elements Of A Custom Closet

The Five Important Elements of a Custom Closet

Everyone dreams of a walk-in closet fully customized with designated spaces for clothes, shoes, bags, ties, belts, suits, etc. A place where everything is organized and divided into sections perfectly suited to each garment. If you have a large in-wall space or a small area to work with, there are a few easy components to customize your closet so it feels more luxurious:

Short Hang – This is for your shirts, blazers, blouses, and pants if you fold them over a hanger. This section should be about 42″-60″H and take up 2/3 of your hanging space. Most clothes fit in this short hang section. You can maximize your real estate by doing a double short hang in which you stack them one on top of the other.

Long Hang – This is for your dresses, suits, pants hung long, skirts, and longer jackets. The long hang should be approximately 72″ in height. Long hang should take up the other 1/3 of your hanging space.

Shoe Storage – A tilted shoe rack that sits below your clothes is a great option for displaying shoes. These can be pull-out or stationary. If you want to take it up a notch, there are clear shoe drawers that allow you to see each pair while keeping them organized and free of dust. These shoe cases are stackable and can easily fit on shelves or below your long hang.

Shelving – Shelves can fill any extra space you have in your closet. Large or small, shelves are always useful! Place the shelves 12”-15” apart for maximum usability; preferably adjustable. These can often be used for handbags, shoe boxes and small luggage.
Keep in mind you cannot do LED underlighting if they are adjustable.

Lighting – Make sure you have plenty of light and that your light bulbs are 2700K for a clear white color to see your clothing colors clearly. We love to implement LED strip lighting under or around shelving and puck lighting in focal areas that can display designer shoes, handbags or other sentiments.

Added luxurious elements to consider are implementing enclosed doors with glass or cabinetry, fully open or a mix of both. This all boils down to preference, so you can’t go wrong with either. Accessories such as built-in laundry hampers, valet bars, jewelry islands, belt, tie and scarf organizers are additional elements we recommend when possible.

We at J Hill Interiors are currently designing a closet with all these elements and more so stay tuned for a recap on that project!