La Jolla Luxury

La Jolla

Elevating this elegant estate’s aesthetics, the J Hill team gave our client a bespoke, warm, and contemporary family home. We entered this project midway, offering a fresh perspective by curating and sourcing surface materials, indoor and outdoor furnishings, millwork, lighting selections, and window treatments.

Across all the spaces, we selected new surface materials, modified millwork designs, and specified how each would be showcased. We collaborated with RGB Group, Sanctuary Architects, Marcie Harris, and Mission Pools, taking the role of interior designer for this La Jolla property’s talented team.

With nautical neutrals, rich patterns, and bright bursts of color, we provided a feel that echoes that of a high-end resort. Our team selected a variety of unique light fixtures, wall upholstery and coverings, carpeting, unique tiles, and more to accentuate the luxurious home and adjacent cabana.

To craft a highly personalized final product, we comprehensively furnished the estate and hand-sketched key pieces of furniture. We worked alongside SCAPE Galleries and the talented artist Jeff Peters to commission the client’s 10′ x 13′ oil painting, based on Psalm 1:3.

As we unified our vision with our client’s and worked closely with our fellow contractors, our designers contributed to the exterior as well, including collaboration on the pool design, outdoor paint, surface selection, lighting materials, and the special touch of Tucci umbrellas and Janus Et Cie outdoor furnishings.

Photography by Lance Gerber.