Add Spring to Your Outdoor Living

Add Spring To Your Outdoor Living

Add Spring to Your Outdoor Living

Spring has sprung which means summer is right around the corner. This is about the time of year we all look at our backyards and patios and think, “Hmm… this could use some work.”

The indoor-outdoor lifestyle here in Southern California calls for an outdoor living space you actually enjoy spending time in. However, backyard renovations can be expensive and lengthy projects.

Don’t let that discourage you. Here are a few quick styling tips that will help transform your backyard living space without breaking the bank.

Freshen up your outdoor furniture by updating your throw pillows. Changing up your color scheme or ditching faded, sun worn cushions will bring your furniture back to life and make a major visual impact on your space. Investing in new cushions and pillows will not only update the look of your outdoor space but can also extend the longevity of the furniture itself.

Speaking of bringing your outdoor furniture back to life, rust-proof spray paint and exterior wood stain can truly transform your existing pieces. Resurfacing, re-staining and repainting your wood and metal furniture is an excellent and cost-effective option. A little bit of work and elbow grease can have your furniture looking brand new.

Make your patio feel like an outdoor living room by throwing down an outdoor area rug. There are thousands of options for outdoor rugs these days. Experiment with color and don’t be afraid to mix it up; just make sure the rug is durable, fade-proof and easy to clean. A rug really grounds the space and makes your patio feel more like an actual room.

In the same vein of defining the space, consider adding a pergola. Custom pergolas can be a costly option. If you have the time and budget, custom pergolas can include lighting, heaters, speakers, fans – the whole nine yards. If that all sounds a little pricey, there are fantastic pre-fabricated, freestanding options on the market that will help you accomplish the same goal. Pergolas can truly turn the patio into another living room while offering some protection from the sun.

Nothing creates a space’s ambiance more than lighting. Maybe your exterior lights came with the home when you bought it or maybe you haven’t updated them in years. Either way, creating a better lighting scheme will drastically change your space. As long as you are not changing their placement, i.e. touching the stucco, stone façade, or siding, then this is a relatively low cost decorating option. If you’re not ready to commit to new sconces, then adding market lights is a classic addition to any back yard.

Lastly, consider adding a fire pit or fire table to your back yard. Not only are they a beautiful feature but they create a place for people to congregate. Whether you are toasting s’mores or toasting with friends, people always end up circling around the fire. You can go old school with a wood-burning fire pit or go the propane route if you prefer. Either way, a fire pit will become a staple of your outdoor entertaining space.

We hope these decorating and styling tips go a long way for you in your backyard refresh. Transforming your space will transform the way you live. The more inviting, relaxing or social your space is, the more reason you will find to use it and enjoy our beautiful weather.